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Mental Health: The all-time secret to Success!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I am major in Clinical Psychology and indeed it was a difficult journey with a lot of learning.

When I was in high school, psychology became a subject of my interest and it all started with DSM IV (Diagnostic statistical manual). I am crazy about reading all sorts of books and somehow I found DSM IV in my father’s wardrobe which instantly took my interest. I read about so many psychological disorders, case histories, and their treatment plan, which is what DSM IV is all about.

Just like others, even I thought that psychology is a fun subject being all about reading other’s minds and boasting about it, but NO! I was WRONG!

Psychology is a vast subject with so many subdivisions and there is nothing like reading minds on an intuitive level, in fact, it is totally a scientifically-driven subject. Anyways, I might elaborate on this topic some other day but here we will discuss mental health and how it is integral for your success.

What is Mental Health?

"Mental Health is not a destination but a process, it's about how you drive not where you are going."

Mental health constitutes psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It forms our main part of thinking, feeling, and acting. It also governs our ability to handle trauma, stress, or any adverse condition that can negatively affect us. Mental health is not just an adult’s thing but is also important during childhood and growing years. When sailing through the ups and downs of life, it is possible to be affected by various mental health issues which can also block the path to success. Your mood, thinking, and behavior can drastically get affected making you feel disabled in every manner.

What are some early warning signs of disturbed mental health?

We all experience mental health disturbance at some point in our life so rather than being reluctant to it we should rather embrace it and vow to help ourselves.

Get the right cues of early warning signs from here and identify if you are suffering from at least 3 to 6 symptoms out of so many mentioned below.

  • Sleeping or eating too little or too much

  • Avoiding to meet people or following regular activities

  • Having little to no energy

  • Feeling like “I don’t care” or numb most of the time

  • Having aches and pains without any proper medical reason

  • Feeling hopeless most of the time

  • Involving in drug abuse

  • Feeling angry, confused, forgetful, scared, or worried without any apparent reason

  • Fighting or yelling without any point

  • Experiencing random mood swings which are affecting your relationship

  • Having persistent thoughts that are clouding your mind

  • Hearing voices that are not coming from any real source

  • Inability to perform daily tasks

  • Indulging in self-harming activities

What is the connection between Mental Health and Success?

Success has got a lot to do with hard work but to derive all that inspiration for it is what comes through your mind. A person with positive mental health has the following characteristics throughout-

  • They have better insight to realize their full potential

  • They know how to cope with the stress of life

  • They render better work productivity

  • Have the positivity to gift meaningful contributions to the society

Having a positive mindset plays an important role in succeeding at everything that you want but a positive mindset is not something that comes naturally, rather you will have to work out for it.

How to work on improving your Mental Health?

Most of us are obsessed with our physical appearance striving to look fit, smart, and pretty, but how many of us are dedicated in the same way to maintain our mental health as well?

When I move out in society, I find too many pretty faces but rarely do I find a pretty mind. With all the negativity, sadness, and doubt you can only go as far as your façade will take you. But to conquer true and long-lasting success, your mind is what you need to work on! So let’s see how you can maintain positive mental health by implementing some of the advice mentioned below-

Seek professional help

I have done psychology internship in clinics and hospitals so take my word on this- “looking for professional help when the situation is going out of your hand will be one of the best decisions that you will ever take on the name of self-love”. Don’t push yourself to the point where finding your true self becomes impossible; rather take the help of a counselor or psychologist who is trained to help people with their mental issues.

Connect with others

I know how tempting it can be to cut yourself from others during a mental break down but that is what exactly you shouldn’t do. Be surrounded by friends or family who are your well-wishers and try to explain your situation to them, not because they can help you but because it is important for your own mental health.

Staying Positive

I agree that this is not something easy to do and even I struggle at this point a lot. But still, trying to stay positive is a better approach than to let negativity take over your thoughts. We all have different methods to derive positivity for example I feel positive when I think about petting hamsters or chinchillas (silly, I know). What I want to say is that we all have some image, desire, or activity that brings peace and positivity to our mind, so find yours today!

Being physically active

When I feel down or depressed getting out of bed, taking bath, and changing clothes also looks like a lot to manage… yet I pull myself to do all of it. Moreover, I bought a rope and try to do skipping every morning at least for 10 minutes. I don’t do all of it happily and I am constantly in a bad mood throughout but once it is done, I feel a bust of achievement and happiness.

Helping others

Here I am not asking you to become a big-time orphanage helper or donate a huge amount, but even small helping counts a lot. I like to purchase pens and roses from street-side vendors (preferably small children). I would also like to become a free hairstyle dresser for children living in slums (I have my own philosophy behind this).

Similarly, even you can start by lending a helping hand to people or animals in need of it and let your mind savor the positivity of your action.


Success is not something that comes easily to anybody and a lot of factors come into play when looking for success. Your hard work, mental health, right approach, and vision are all that is important and each one of it depends on another. So make sure to focus on all the aspects, mental health being the most important of them all!

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